Bitcoin Poker Players Get the Winkdex

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Poker players who use bitcoins can now track the accurate pricing of the digital cryptocurrency, after the Winklevoss twins launch the Winklevoss Index; a global pricing index that tracks the prices from seven different exchanges throughout the world.

Bitcoin Poker Players Get the WinkdexHave Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss unwittingly created one of the most important mobile apps for poker players?

That’s the question posed by scribe Jason Reynolds, in an article focusing on the benefits that The Winklevoss Index (WinkDex) could bring to the poker industry’s future.

The beautifully named WinkDex (I know…I can see that eye winking at me too) is the brainchild of the chiseled-jawed Winklevoss twins. The pair who once famously sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $65 million, claiming that he had pinched their idea.

The app – the first of it’s kind – is a global bitcoin pricing index, that tracks the prices from seven exchanges, to give you the most accurate price of a bitcoin available anywhere else in the world.

In his piece, Reynolds makes a valid point that with bitcoin price fluctuations varying so significantly, poker players are going to want to keep tabs on the price, so they can get as much value from their stash as possible.

And more poker players are going to be using digital currency. I can feel it in my skinny bones.

Breakout Gaming are the latest cryptocurrency gaming outfit to create a poker offering, and they have ploughed a lot of dough into the marketing of its poker room, with the likes of Jennifer Harman, Huck Seed, Jeff Lisandro, and Johnny F**king Chan, giving the young sponsored pros a very slow run for their money.

The new poker room recently announced plans to launch their Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and at the time of writing the clock shows 23 days left until the new cryptocurrency hits the market. Seals With Clubs is the most popular poker room that uses digital currency as its primary form of green.

The WinkDex app allows you to go back in time, to any point after Jan 2012, to see how much the price of bitcoin has fluctuated. On 1 Jan 2012, one bitcoin would get you $5.23; 1 Jan 2013, and that price had moved to $13.26; 1 Jan 2014, and it had gone supernova – reaching $801,03, and today it’s back down to $350.43.

When a single bitcoin was being priced at the $800 mark, the Winklevoss twins claimed they owned approx. 1% of the entire market.

Now that’s a lot of money.

The WinkDex is not a poker app, instead it’s a tool that looks like for digital currencies but should they want to learn more about poker, then the Olympians can have a chat with the former European Poker Tour (EPT) Champion Jens Kyllonen. All three of them have booked tickets on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

I wonder how many bitcoins that cost?


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