Weekly Poll – Are you attending SIGMA 2014?

Weekly Poll - Are you attending SIGMA 2014?
 Weekly Poll - Are you attending SIGMA 2014?[polldaddy poll=8362330]

This unprecedented edition of the Summit of iGaming in Malta promises to be one of the biggest summit this year, with over 1000 delegates, 70 exhibitors in our dedicated expo space and over 60 speakers who will be stepping onto the SiGMA stage between October 30th and November 2nd, which is why we decided to ask our readers, “Are you attending Sigma 2014?”

58% said, “Yes”, 35% said “No” and 6% said, “Haven’t decided.”

Here are some of the reasons why you should attend SIGMA 2014.

Malta: Excellent IGaming Destination

SiGMA founders Dennis Dyhr Hansen and Eman Pulis described Malta as the “Silicon Valley” of the iGaming industry.

Malta is the home of approximately 300 iGaming companies and more consider relocating.

Malta’s support to iGaming companies and its “open-door policy” is observed in the number of government entities. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), Malta Enterprise, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) work hand-in-hand to ensure the needs of gaming companies based and licensed in Malta are met.

Must-Hear Speakers

SiGMA 2014 promises to be the ultimate learning and networking experience for affiliates and marketing partners, who will have the opportunity to sit back and listen to industry leaders about the latest advances in the world of SEO and content marketing for the iGaming industry.

This year, the summit will bring you eight must-hear speakers.

Julia Logan has been involved in SEO and online marketing since 2000. She will share her expertise such as SEO security audits, link profile audits, and online reputation management.

Lukasz Zelezny heads the department of organic acquisition at the London-based price-comparison website uSwitch. On October 31st, he will give a talk entitled Bet, Call and Check your SEO activity to participants in the affiliates track of SiGMA 2014.

Jan-Willem Bobbink, an SEO specialist and expert in online marketing since 2004. He is currently he holds the post of Director of SEO for US-based search marketing agency Acronym Media and is a Brand Ambassador for MajesticSEO. On October 31st he will step onto the SiGMA 2014 stage to talk about Google’s crackdown on lousy links and how professionals should start thinking beyond linking and envision the future of search marketing.

Yancy Naughton is the founder of HasTraffic/WantsTraffic, a multi-channel traffic platform that provides clients with the opportunity to bid for targeted, pre-filtered traffic. He will deliver a talk about the latest strategies to make traffic funnels more efficient.

Stacey MacNaught is the Search Director at Tecmark, a UK digital marketing agency which she joined in 2009 and where she has been involved in numerous campaigns including for clients. She has shared her expertise in SEO and content marketing at a number of conferences.

Rickard Vikstrom is a tech entrepreneur and  experienced in overseeing the building of data hosting infrastructure. On November 1st, he will be joining Ebbe Groes on the SiGMA 2014 stage to deliver a presentation entitled: The Bright Future of Affiliate Marketing in a Real Time World.

Kevin Gibbons is the Managing Director of BlueGlass Interactive, a strategy-driven digital marketing agency which specializes in search and content marketing. On October 31st, Kevin Gibbons will share 30 actionable factors and ideas in 30 minutes that can be used to optimize content marketing for SEO within the iGaming sector.

The Venue: The Bay Arena, Malta

Situated within the heart of St. George’s Bay, the InterContinental Bay Arena is the ideal meeting place for this iGaming summit in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.  Completed in late 2003, refurbished and redesigned in early 2014.  Owner Eden Leisure Group transformed it into the foremost facility in Malta for the hosting of high-end events through a two million euro investment.

The arena offers the largest uninterrupted floor area, as well as a significant amount of non-core space, in this area.

The size of the venue and the ability to segment areas of the floor space allows ultimate versatility for different styles of events.  It has a uniquely large floor space with high ceilings and unhindered views across it and excellent positioning in the heart of Malta’s iGaming core, where hundreds of igaming companies are located.

Affiliates can attend for FREE!

SiGMA 2014 is free for affiliates. SiGMA understands the importance for operators to network with affiliates on a regular basis. The methods typically associated with Affiliates include organic search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click), content marketing and, in some cases, display advertising. Some affiliates may also use less conventional techniques, such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner.

If you are still not sure whether you relate with any part of the above description, send an email at [email protected] with details of your business. You will get a response to let you know whether you qualify for a free entrance to SiGMA 2014.  If you understand the terms and believe that you qualify as an affiliate, go ahead and register for your free pass here.

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