Question of The Day – Most Innovative Company

Question of The Day - Most Innovative Company

Becky Liggero talks to Michael Caselli, William Scott, Angelo Dalli and David Briggs as they share their thoughts on who they think is the most innovative company in the online gambling space today.

Becky Liggero: Who is the most innovative company in the online gambling space today and why?

Michael Caselli (iGaming Business)

We have a lot of innovators come through and that’s why it’s a really really tough question.

There’s a new product being launch and it’s called SuperLive. And essentially SuperLive is a live betting that happens much much faster. So instead of betting on the point after next in Tennis, you’re betting on the next point, your betting in every stroke in golf. You’re getting so many more market. So you’re taking in product which is normally a hundred or so market, now you’re gonna offer 300 more market. On top of that, the product also offers upselling to betting business. So essentially there are four different products that provide after you make your bet.

William Scott (Warrenside)

With innovation, it’s going to happen a lot is on the back office and the way they communicate with their customer. Not the very sexy front and stuff. There’s a lot of company out there who’s developing interesting technologies, which allow the operator to engage with their customer in more active basis, who goes in a tough environment, competitive environment, lifetime value’s massively important. So the things that you actually have behind the scenes, which is actually to drive companies to success.

Angelo Dalli (bit8)

I think there are a lot of companies who are innovative. And one of them that I’ve seen which is quite good is the company called FSB Technology, which are doing innovative stuff in sportsbooks space there I think one is 1X2gaming, which are doing great in sports, they’re quite good also. So there’s a lot of innovation there.

David Briggs (GeoComply)

Some innovations around customer servicing, surround pricing and around the product. But I’ve always loved the fact that bet365 particulary got an appetite for betting. They understand that players/ punters, they want something interesting; they want something novel; they want something to bet on. And bet365 is the most dynamic and forward thinking and actually giving them that. So I’d probably give it to them.