SEO Tip of the Week: Buzzstream

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90 Digital CEO Nick Garner talks about using Buzzstream in this edition of’s SEO Tip of the Week.

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Hi there, this is my SEO tip of the week – extended version!

To rank, you will need links from other sites…and because iGaming is so competitive, you will probably need lots of links to get anywhere with your SEO ambitions.

Because I’ve been working in iGaming SEO for a long time, link sourcing is something that has been a huge priority of mine for years. One of the big trends we see today is Google nuking link networks and generally wiping out those easy sources of links so many in iGaming used to rely on.

Since I saw this coming many years ago, I always worked on the point-to-point principle. This means finding site owners interested in working with me. The main benefit is that these sites are typically off Google’s radar and so are far less prone to being ‘nuked’ and of course there is less likelihood of being caught with your links on a link network that Google uses as evidence of penalising you.

Why do I say all this? Because having a system to make it easier to outreach to site owners is critical and of all the systems and tools I’ve used over the years Buzzstream is the best and cheapest at about £15 a user per month.

Let’s have a look at some Buzzstream tips and tricks.

Set up a blacklist of sites

If you have a disavow list, then you can upload it into Buzzstream to easily see of that site you are interested in is disavowed. It’s a huge time and money saver because you can easily just avoid that site and move on to the next one!

SEO Tip of the Week: Buzzstream

For the ‘how to’ see here

Re check your link is still live

You do a deal with someone and they take the link down….UGH! So there is a useful feature which pings the links every couple of weeks just to check.

Which email works best?

According to a big study on email outreach you will get a 14-18 percent response rate on your pitch emails and about a 4 -6 percent conversion rate. Of course this assumes you have a good list and a nice pitch…Study here.

In Buzzstream you can track the open rates for emails and you can see the conversion rates. It’s really helpful for getting your head around what pitches work and/or what lists are most relevant to your outreach project.

Organise your outreach into subject groups

It makes sense to have the right pitch for the right site? After all you get the most relevance that way. So in Buzzstream you can tag and filter lists of sites to then write up specific pitches for them. It means you make the most of the pitch.

Aliasing emails

You can use any email address in Buzzstream. This is so useful because often you may end up pitching the same people many times and you run the risk of getting ‘pitch fatigue’, so if your list is worn out you can change the pitch, the source email and come in on another brand identity.

Follow up

They say a person can only remember up to 7 things at any one time, so imagine having to remember to follow up with 100’s of sites! This is why the diary tools are so useful.

Contact info

The tool run through sites lined up for pitching and scrapes contact info for you. This is a huge timesaver.

There is a ton of other features in Buzzstream, but these are the ones that spring to mind. The main point is that every outreach person on my team use uses it, loves it.

Bonus Info:

Here is a schema on link building from iAcquire

SEO Tip of the Week: Buzzstream

SEO Tip of the Week: Buzzstream

SEO Tip of the Week: Buzzstream

Bonus, Bonus factoid:

Contrary popular belief pitching as a woman does not mean higher pitch to placement conversions:

iRank™ data shows that while women do get a higher response rate than men (2.1 percent more responses for women) in outreach, the close rate is slightly in favor of men (men close 0.31 percent more links). Comparing this to the results from the Skyrocket SEO study we have disproved the large disparity between the performance of men and women.


Hire outreach professionals based on their ability and the quality of their work rather than their gender as neither has an inherent advantage that affects the ROI of campaign significantly.


Invest resources in equal hiring and/or training for link builders of either sex.


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