God Bless America $15K GTD

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God Bless America $15K GTDHistoric Find by Full Flush Poker May Prove Online Poker as a Right of ALL Americans

Exercise Your Right in FFP’s Independence Day God Bless America $15K GTD

San Jose, Costa Rica (July 02, 2014) – According to news reports, the crew at (“FFP”) has unearthed adraft of the U.S. Declaration of Independence that is currently being analyzed by historians to confirm its authenticity. If the artifact is substantiated as“the genuine article”, it will supersede the July 4th draft, previously held to be the real deal; it also importantly may hold the key to what many believe to be the right of all Americans – to play and enjoy “online poker” as a constitutional entitlement.

To celebrate the excavation of this alleged archeological treasure, FFP is hosting its special Independence Day God Bless America $15K GTD tournament on Sunday, July 6th at 5pm ET. It’s a $25+$2.50 buy-in, or check out the $2.50+$0.25 God Bless America Satellites running all week, to earn a seat for a fraction of the cost.

The historic document was recently discovered on an archaeological dig bankrolled by the online poker site, and led by esteemed historian and cryptologist Dr. Mustafa Spade. The discovery took place on the dig site presumed to have housed the shopfront of Philadelphia printer John Dunlap,official printer to the Continental Congress of 1776. Spade theorizes that Jefferson’s rough draft got mistakenly printed as the final document by Dunlap, “thus changing the course of history for centuries – and that of online poker players for the better part of a decade– until our most recent momentous artifact find.”

The tellingdraft is dated July 6th, 1776 and includes all signatories of the July 4thDeclaration, including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Roger Sherman. What’s remarkable about the lost script scribed by clandestine Poker enthusiast Jefferson,is that it calls for the entitlement of all U.S. citizens to “life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the lawful pastime of online poker,” as a basic human right.

While some skeptics question the validity of this redraft of the Declaration, carbon dating could corroborate the legitimacy of the manuscript. If indeed it does, it will further prove the astounding foresight of the Founding Fathers, who knew nothing of the Internet nor of this ‘brave new world of online poker’ that most players outside of the U.S. take for granted today.

Amazing foresight…or perhaps just a visit from poker loving Aliens? That’s a story for another day, and either way, come join FFP for their God Bless America $15K GTD! There’s nothing to lose, and 15 thousand more reasons to get in the holiday spirit at FFP this Sunday!

*All claims and some characters appearing in this work are fictitious – except for Full Flush Poker and the God Bless America $15K GTD. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.J



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