UK Gambling Stats: Males, National Lottery and In Person Betting Dominate

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UK Gamblers still like to have a flutter on the National Lottery, but according to a recent survey by the UK Gambling Commission, that number is falling.

UK Gambling Stats: Males, National Lottery and In Person Betting DominateWhat is the most commonly played gambling game in the UK?

Interestingly, it’s a gambling game that people don’t even consider a gambling game: The National Lottery.

The UK Gambling Commission recently asked a series of questions in omnibus surveys, conducted by ICM Research, to gauge the UK Punters tendencies on the proverbial toss of a coin.

Here is that nine-page report condensed into something a lot more palatable.

The data, which was taken from four quarterly reports conducted in the year to March 2014, asked people what their gambling participation was in the past four weeks.

56% of those questioned stated that they had gambled at least once in the previous four weeks, which was 1% down year-on-year, and of those 56% the majority of them were male as 61% of males gambled compared to just 51% of females.

When you ask questions about online gambling you find that 16% of people like a virtual flutter (down 1% year on year), and once again it was the males proving why the online poker industry continues to market towards them with 21% of males stating that they played online and only 11% of females.

As previously explained, the most popular form of gambling was the National Lottery with 41% of those questioned admitting to placing their bucket lists in the hand of fate. Other lotteries accounted for 13%, scratchcards 10% and horse racing 7%.

The number of National Lottery players is on the decrease, however, with the rise per ticket to £2 surely having an affect as numbers dropped from 46% (2012) and 43% (2013).

The announcement by many of the UK’s top bookmakers that they are to close a lot of high street retail outlets will go down like a lead balloon as 71% of people questioned said they gambled ‘in person only,’ and betting in person at a bookmakers window was the most popular form of gambling of them all.

17% of the respondents gambled both online and at a brick and mortar establishment, and only 12% gambled online only, with that particular form of gambling being especially popular for spread betting, sports betting and casino games.

If that didn’t fill your belly full of facts, then the full nine-page course can be found here.


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