BetButler Under Siege From Angry Punters

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BetButler under siege from an array of angry punters as a hoard of complaints surface on sports betting forums and twitter over withdrawal issues and a lack of communication.

Bodugi customers receive BetButler lifeline.

BetButler Under Siege From Angry PuntersThat was the headline that your truly selected just days ago after the news broke that BetButler had entered into an arrangement to take over the player balances from the troubled social betting site owned by Bodugi Technology.

I think I had better go back and change that word lifeline, and amend the sentence where I told worried Bodugi customers to worry no more, as it had become apparent that all is not well within the corridors of BetButler towers.

BetButler’s mantra is, “we’re on your side,” but that’s not exactly the feeling that their punters are getting, after sports betting forums and twitter have lit up in recent days, over allegations of slow withdrawals and a communications strategy that makes Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson sound like a motor mouth.

‘David,’ an administrator at the Gambling Times website, got so fed up with the constant complaints, and lack of feedback, that he even marched up to the BetButler main offices in London to demand answers in person.

He was met with stony silence.

BetButler is still paying out, albeit at a pace that doesn’t seem to fit into the customer’s ideal, but their behavior has created mass confusion, especially when you factor in their decision to take over the balances of the Bodugi punters.

I mean why would do you do that if you were on the brink of going flat broke?

Muddying the waters even more, Betclearer (BetButlers owners) are currently shown on the Companies House website as being in the state of dissolution.  The company accounts for Betclearer were supposed to be posted on 31/12/2013 but they never materialized.

One forum poster explained how they had spent ’20 minutes talking to a very nice lady at the Gambling Commission, who is also owed money by Butler.’ That same poster went on to say that the ‘very nice lady’ said that, ‘part of the reason that they have fallen behind with payments, is the new regulations that have been imposed on Bet Butler by TGC. When pressed on this point, she went on to explain the TGC had ordered Butler to tighten up on verification of customers, particularly in respect of AGE VERIFICATION.’

BetButler couldn’t ignore their customers forever and eventually a reply was received from one irate customer who once again shared it with his fellow posters.

In the e-mailed response a Bet Butler representative acknowledged that there had been delays with withdrawals, stating, ‘as a brokerage, the funds you have deposited to place bets have been used to place bets and at present we are waiting for monies to be returned to us from other bookmakers. We don’t envisage this delay to be much longer and as soon as funds are returned to Bet Butler, your funds can be returned.

Bet Butler also laid some of the blame on a huge increase in customers, which has resulted in more activity than ever before, therefore placing huge demands on their customer service teams, hence the lack of communication.

Not the warmest of welcomes for Bodugi players, who have also been told that before they can withdraw their funds through Bet Butler they have to wager their whole balance at bets of even money or above.

More of a line than a lifeline now I come to think of it?

If anyone is worried about the goings on at BetButler then the process is pretty straightforward.

Contact the Gambling Commission who will do absolutely nothing for you and then go home and pray to whichever God you believe in that you will one day receive your money.

Best of luck.


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