Five awesome things about iGaming North America

iGaming North America 5 awesome thingsiGaming North America, an event designed to introduce America’s land based gambling companies to the global online gambling industry, kicks off in just a few days in good old Las Vegas.

There are so many conferences dedicated to the gambling industry that its difficult to decide which ones to attend and which ones to skip. Aside from the great speakers and sessions that have been secured, here are five awesome things about iGaming North America that are unique and make the event stand out from the rest.

Presdo Match

iGaming North America organizers have decided to bring back Presdo Match, a tool that delegates can use to check out who is attending and reach to out them for meetings and such. For access to Presdo Match, all you have to do is register with the event and presto! You’re all signed up. What’s also cool about this tool is that you can integrate it with your LinkedIn profile if you choose, so the process of adding your details can be really quick and easy.

Lunchtime meetups

Throughout the three day conference, organizers have arranged a variety of lunchtime “meet ups” to facilitate networking and help delegates maximize their time at the event. The four Thursday lunchtime meetups include Native American iGaming, Regulatory Issues, Mobile Gaming and Social Gaming. The four Friday lunchtime meetups include Marketing, Payments, Canada and Lottery. If you’re interested in attending one or more of these meet-ups, use the aforementioned Presdo Match to RSVP.

Mock Sportsbetting Trial

As an online gambling industry conference nine year veteran, I can honestly say that a mock trial is something I’ve yet to see at an event. This mock trial in particular is entitled, “Live at iGNA: As Close As You Ever Want to Get to A Federally Prosecuted Sports Betting Trial” and will be run by industry heavy hitters Jeff Ifrah and David Deitch of Ifrah Law and Harris Fischman of the US Department of Justice. The idea of this session is to expose delegates to the government’s view and the court of public opinion’s view of the controversial sports betting issue that we know and love within the United States.

Poker Pro Panel

Online poker is a hot topic in America, with a number of poker pros still reeling from the aftereffects of Black Friday. As online poker finally begins to regulate in America, the lack of liquidity has reared its ugly head and the pros themselves will be at iGaming North America to share their perspectives with you. Ultimate Poker’s Jason Somerville and Danielle Andersen will be on the panel along with Shaun Deeb who is known as an avid online poker player and Dominic L. Ricciardi, a Vegas Physician and semi-poker pro who is now playing regulated poker online in Nevada.

Its in Vegas, baby

Obvious, yes, but so true. Vegas is and has always been one of my favorite destinations for a conference. The weather is predictable so you know what to pack, its humidity-free so its a good hair day every day, the conference hotel is almost always awesome with all the amenities you need at your doorstep, the dining choices are endless with everything from fast food to Michelin Starred restaurants within walking distance, there are places to party 24/7 and if partying isn’t your thing, there are a number of shows you can check out (Hint: Michael Jackson ONE– its sooo good!), you can shop for anything and last but most certainly not least, you sure can gamble.