Becky’s Affiliated: Interview with new LAC speaker Jim Dee, GSN Executive Director of Customer Acquisition

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interview-lac-speaker-jim-deeThe London Affiliate Conference is just one week away and we’re looking forward to welcoming a lot of new faces and companies to the event this year.  Its no secret that one of the best ways to introduce a product, attract new affiliates, or just simply introduce yourself to the community is by attending the LAC and making the most of your time there.

Jim Dee, the Executive Director of Customer Acquisition of GSN Games, a US-friendly Real Money Skill Gaming operator, is making his iGaming Affiliate Industry debut at the LAC 2014.  Dee believes that his product is a good fit for iGaming Affiliates, in particular affiliates with US traffic that they are not quite sure what to do with.

To successfully break into the iGaming Affiliate market, Dee needs to educate affiliates on Real Money Skill Gaming, a very different concept than skill gaming as part of a casino offering.  I spoke with Dee to find out how he plans to use the LAC as a vehicle to educate affiliates on this new skill gaming concept, tell affiliates how to make money with their US traffic, mix and mingle with them and of course, have some fun.

Becky Liggero: Jim, thank you for joining me, we can’t wait for your debut at LAC next week- lets begin with your product and how it is, in fact, 100% legal to promote to US customers right now.

Jim Dee: GSN Games pioneered the U.S. real-money skill gaming market when it launched its cash tournament site in 2000, and continues its legacy as the largest skill games company in America today. Because the outcome of real-money skill games is determined by a player’s skill rather than chance, this growing category is legal in most U.S.states and European countries. GSN Games ensures that each tournament is based on skill through a combination of proprietary technologies, patented techniques and in-house experience “skillifying” games. GSN Games also places players against others with a similar “player ranking” for that particular game to level the playing field.

BL: Just to be sure we understand, how does Real Money Skill Gaming differ from “Skill Gaming” as part of a casino offering? 

JD: In real-money skill games, players pay an entry fee to participate in a tournament and can win cash prizes based on the outcome of the competition. The most skilled player wins the prize, minus a tournament management fee collected by the operator hosting the game. Players only compete against other players through multiplayer tournaments, as operators are impartial tournament hosts with no vested interest in the outcome of each competition.

Additionally, the outcome of real-money skill games is determined by the player’s skill and not chance. In some cases, the skillification process involves changing the rules of the game in order to eliminate elements of luck, without changing the essence of what makes the game fun.

Finally, real-money skill games are online competitions in a variety of casual games, including classics like Solitaire, Hearts and Spades, popular titles such as Bejeweled® 2 or Plants vs. Zombies™, and adaptations of TV game shows such as Wheel of Fortune® and Deal or No Deal™.

BL: Ok, this is pretty different than what the iGaming industry is used to when it comes to Skill Games.  Why are you looking to tap into the online gambling affiliate pool, then? 

JD: Gaming affiliates have been in the forefront of the global affiliate industry and are a major reason for the tremendous growth online gambling has seen over the past decade. They are known for being driven, creative and knowledgeable and recognize valuable opportunities early on. However, the regulatory landscape of gaming limits affiliates’ options and makes it harder to capitalize on their traffic. Real-money skill gaming is a great way for affiliates to earn comparable commissions from a gaming product that is growing in popularity, is socially accepted and doesn’t impose regulatory limitations.

BL: Aside from speaking at events like the LAC, how do you plan to educate traditional online gambling affiliates on your Real Money Skill Gaming product? 

JD: At GSN Games, we are hands-on and collaborative with our partners. We believe that by working together, we will be better equipped for success. In addition to our easy-to-use online campaign tools, we also offer creative, custom reporting and training to educate partners about conversion and monetization through our games. Our dedicated team looks forward to sharing our wealth of experience in real-money skill gaming, providing affiliates with invaluable best practices. We are passionate about working in tandem with our partners to optimize campaigns and foster a successful relationship.

BL: I agree a mutual partnership is essential for the operator/affiliate relationship, but what about commissions? How do the affiliate earnings for your product compare to what online gambling affiliates are used to?

JD: Just like with traditional gaming products the GSN partnership Program offers different commission schemes, including Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid. At GSN, we understand that there is no one specific commission that works for all affiliates, and are therefore motivating affiliates by customizing commission structures that best fits their needs.

BL: Sounds good, Jim- thank you.  And before signing off, can you let us know what your main goals are at the LAC this year? 

JD: I am very excited to present my session “Real Money Skill Gaming – A New Opportunity for Affiliates to Diversify and Increase Revenue” during the London Affiliate Conference. Real-money skill games are a tremendous opportunity for gaming affiliates to diversify player offerings and monetize gambling and social gaming traffic. This is my first time attending the conference, so I am looking forward to meeting and networking with many gaming affiliates. I’d like to learn more about the challenges that affiliates face, and what makes their partnerships successful. And of course, I’m looking to have some fun!

BL: Thanks again for your time today Jim, looking forward to seeing you in person at the LAC next week!


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