Mobile to Account for Nearly Half of Global Interactive Gambling Gross Win Within 5 Years According to a New Report by H2 Gambling Capital

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H2 Gambling Capital (H2) are expecting the global mobile gambling market to generate just over €19bn of gross win by 2018 by which time this would represent just under 44% of all interactive gambling and just under 5% of all gambling.

MOBILE TO ACCOUNT FOR NEARLY HALF OF GLOBAL INTERACTIVE GAMBLING GROSS WIN WITHIN 5 YEARS ACCORDING TO A NEW REPORT BY H2 GAMBLING CAPITALFollowing on from the success of their first mobile gambling report, Gambling Goes Mobile (2011), H2 are pleased to announce the launch of the most comprehensive and authoritative data led mobile gambling report and dataset ever produced.

Over the last few years mobile gambling (betting, gaming and lottery) has developed into one of the most exciting areas in the gambling industry. In 2010 H2 valued the mobile gambling market at just under €2.4bn of gross win* when it accounted for just under 11% of all interactive gambling gross win**.

At the time the large Asian horserace betting monopolies, the Japanese Racing Association and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, accounted for over half of this. The Asian culture and use of mobile provided an indication of what might happen elsewhere in the world.

Today the mobile gambling market has changed significantly with leading nations and regulated markets starting to account for more and more activity. For 2012 H2 value the mobile gambling market at just under €4.5bn when it accounted for just over 18% of all interactive gambling. The large Asian horserace betting monopolies accounted for under 40% of activity.

There has been a shift from Asia to Europe, with this now expected to move on to North America as onshore regulation takes place in the latter. The trend has been driven by the stellar growth in both smartphone and tablet penetration, increased device capability and the confidence of users to spend via these devices.

H2 forecast the mobile gambling market to generate just over €19bn of gross win by the end of 2018 when it is expected to account for just under 44% of total interactive gambling gross win which would equate to just under 5% of all gambling. Average mobile gambling spend per adult in the EU is expected to grow from just over €1 in 2010 to over €17.

Some of the biggest nations such as the United States and China might be more similar to each other, in terms of mobile gambling activity as a percentage of interactive, than many think but with vastly different ecologies. With the former, perhaps surprisingly, forecast to have one of the lower mobile gross win penetration rates. Indeed other developed nations such as Belgium might not perform as well as some had anticipated in the short term.

Betting still accounts for the vast majority of mobile gambling gross win at over 75% though this is set to change as both gaming and lottery develop. Gaming has been slower to take off on mobile devices than betting as it requires increased device capability to support enhanced graphics and sustained periods of play. Mobile gaming adoption is driven by ‘experience’ whereas betting is driven by ‘convenience’. H2 expect that toward the end of the five-year period the product split will be increasingly similar to that of traditional interactive. However some lag from the lottery channel is still expected due to minimal commercial competition and regulatory restraints.

The onshore and offshore split also varies by market but the vast majority remains onshore, a different trend to that seen via the PC channel. This difference is driven by further adoption of mobile devices in regulating markets and supply-led demand brought about by the enhanced product offering from the larger established licensees.

Mobile to Account for Nearly Half of Global Interactive Gambling Gross Win Within 5 Years According to a New Report by H2 Gambling Capital

Source: H2 Gambling Capital, November 2013


Mobile gambling is more important today than it has ever been and as such our new report now covers more data than ever including extended smartphone penetration by-geography and a bottom up by-product analysis of the leading nations around the world. The report includes 12 months access to H2’s new Global Mobile Gambling Dataset.

H2’s report is packed with 125 pages of data and information including network, operating system and device technology, payment processing, smartphone penetration and device penetration, detailed market-by-market analysis (background, regulation, recommendations), operators, suppliers and emerging business along with future technologies and much more.

In addition the report includes an authoritative view based on H2’s 15+ years experience in the gambling and technology sectors, covering all the hot topics and many important ones that are not in the public eye.

The PDF report and MS Excel dataset are available as an immediate download with a single purchase valid for multiple users in an organisation. The report is also available as part of H2’s annual Global Gambling Data / Intelligence subscription.


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