The Nick Garner LinkRisk Dance

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nick-garner-linkrisk-danceIf you are the owner of a website, or blog, then managing your link profile is an extremely important factor when considering SEO strategy. This is where LinkRisk comes into its own as a standalone SEO tool designed to identify and locate problematic, suspicious and healthy links to a website.

LinkRisk works by creating something known as a LinkScore, which is a scoring system that uses an algorithm that takes into consideration a multitude of factors to determine the ‘risk’ factor of any given link.

The LinkRisk Litmus scale applies a score from between 0 − 1000 with five separate categories offering advice on what action your site needs to take dependent on where you fall within the Litmus Scale.

Each site starts with a neutral score of 500 and once LinkRisk runs your links through the algorithm this score will increase or decrease in line with risk. The higher your Litmus ranking the more likely your site is to fall foul of a future algorithm update.

The LinkRisk management team doesn’t like to rest on their laurels and are always on the search for continual improvement. This has resulted in the latest launch: LinkRisk Dance, which is LinkRisk’s way of delivering a major scoring update whilst simultaneously giving customers a detailed explanation of what they have changed.

Updates are always named after a well known figure in the SEO industry and this particular update has been named after the regular CalvinAyre contributor, and CEO of 90 Digital, Nick Garner.

So What’s New in the Nick Garner Update?

Taking on board customer feedback the team at LinkRisk have created a number of changes in the Nick Garner Update.

There is more accuracy around the detection of profile spam and the team is looking much closer into the patterns of volume activity.

The other important change takes place with the scoring. LinkRisk now takes into account more signals from the history of the domain and how it has been treated over the years. This ability comes into play as the dataset continues to grow and more history is developed for analysis.

Nick Garner is a well respected and highly thought of member of the Gaming SEO community, and is a regular contributor to CalvinAyre with his SEO Tip of the Week slots.


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