Vietnamese celebrity arrested for illegal gambling

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vietnam-police-illegal-casinoVietnam is pretty serious about cracking down on illegal gambling in the country, so much so that even famous personalities aren’t above the fray and will be treated the same way if they are caught doing something against the law.

Vietnamese opera singer Kim Tu Long (real name: Hoang Kim Long) found that out the hard way after he, together with two other artists, were included in the 27 arrests police in Vinh Long Province executed after raiding a gambling den located inside a barge anchored at the Tan Dinh Rivulet.

In addition to the arrests, local authorities also confiscated gambling paraphernalia from the scene, including a pair of playing cards, 22 dice, and cash worth in the vicinity of VND69 million, which is about $3,250 based on current exchange rates. 28 mobile phones, belonging to the arrested gamblers, were also taken, as were $1,345 and VND335 million, money that the police said belonged to the famous singer.

Long was eventually released on bail after police took his excuse statement. Long claimed that he didn’t go to the den with the intention of gambling but to look for his driver in the barge. The gamblers then invited him to join in on the fun ‘for luck‘ and before long, police were on the scene to break up said ‘fun‘.

Interestingly, Long’s statement was in stark contrast from statements of the other arrested gamblers, many of whom admitted that Long was a frequent gambler and played with them far more often than the singer wanted to admit.

The man may be a good singer, but he sure doesn’t sound any good at being convincing with his statements.


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