Weekly Poll – How will the DiCristina ruling affect poker regulation?

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weekly-poll-how-will-dicristina-ruling-affect-poker-regulationLast week, the Federal Circuit Court for the Second Circuit handed down a surprising decision that some are claiming will have a monumental impact on the online poker industry. In line with this, we asked our readers how the DiCristina ruling will affect poker regulation.

65% of the voters said that it makes no difference. The IGBA does not clearly define what games count as illegal gambling businesses, leaving that up to the states, illustrates the need for federal legislation that clarifies the law. Until this is settled, it won’t make a difference in poker regulation.

25% of the voters said that it makes regulation easier. With the ruling, it is becoming clearer whether poker is really a game of skill or if it is a game of chance. Once this is properly addressed, it would be easier to set the necessary requirements for states to regulate poker.

10% of the voters feel that it has made regulation tougher. It has made regulation tougher because using the argument that poker is a game of skill cannot be used. This questions the types of valid arguments and reasons that can be used in order to regulate poker.

It was a short lived victory for a lot, especially DiCristina but with the ruling being overturned, DiCristina’s only course of action right now is to take the case to the US Supreme Court to see if he can get Judge Weinstein’s original ruling upheld.

For this week’s poll, we ask our readers how important is Google News inclusion to an affiliates’ success. Is it very important because the traffic can’t be matched, is it nice but not a deal breaker or does SEO do the trick? Check back next week to see what our readers think.


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