Have you gambled real money using a mobile device?

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have-you-gambled-real-money-using-a-mobile-deviceBack in January, we asked our readers what they thought the biggest technology trend in 2013 would be. Majority answered, Mobile. With the mobile industry growing non-stop and companies continue to find ways to make life convenient for everyone; we decided to ask our readers, ‘Have you gambled real money using a mobile device?’.

This week’s poll was a close fight. 50.49% of voters answered, No. Every day, new apps and pieces of tech are being developed to make a lot of things ‘on-the-go’. Gambling companies know and understand this, which is why they develop apps so players can play on their mobile phones anytime they want. If we ask the same question in 6-8 months, will the number of people who answered ‘no’ be the same?

49.51% of people who voted chose, Yes. That means half of the people who voted have placed a mobile bet at least once. This number is sure to grow in the future. In the beginning, the iGaming Industry thought of ways to bring their products and services to players while they were in the comforts of their homes. Now they’ve taken it one step further by eliminating the need for desktop computers or laptops. Players can now access their accounts and play using their smartphones or tablets.

A year ago, that number wouldn’t have been so close to one another but with the growth of smartphones and tablets, making bets has become much easier.

Mike O’Donnell wrote an article discussing which was more important, customer quality or quantity using Betfair as an example since they appear to be content with quantity over quality. We would want to know what our readers’ take is on this so for this week’s poll, we’re looking at what’s more important to an online operator. Customer quality or customer quantity? Check back next week to see what our readers think.