It doesn’t get any bigger than the 2013 iGaming Super Show

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iGaming SUPER Show logoIf there ever was a gaming event that you shouldn’t miss – you ought to be in all of them, if you ask us – it’s the iGaming Super Show.

This year, the event takes place Amsterdam, or as it’s aptly nicknamed, the Venice of the North. It’s 165 canals notwithstanding, Amsterdam will also be the site of the biggest dedicated iGaming exhibition and conference for the iGaming industry. Doesn’t get any bigger than this one.

See, there’s a reason why ‘super’ is a part of its name. In addition to having seven different events in one location, the iGaming Super Show, which is scheduled to take place on the 11th to 14th of June 2013, attracts just about every influential person in the iGaming industry. The numbers certainly speak for themselves: over 2,400 delegates, over 100 speakers, and over 100 more stands and exhibits, all of which you’ll be able to see at the iGaming Super Show.

Last year, 338 companies from all over the world representing 65 different countries all went to the iGaming Super Show. If those numbers aren’t popping out of the screen, then you can expect that this year’s numbers will undoubtedly get your attention.

As far as getting your iGaming appetite satiated to its fullest capacity, the 2013 iGaming Super Show promises to give you a smorgasbord of notable sessions from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. No hyperbole here, fellas. When it comes to this event, you can learn and understand the industry inside and out with no stones left unturned. Whether you’re a supplier, an operator, or a regulator, you head into the iGaming Super Show with an open mind and you come out of with suitcases full of knowledge and information.

The number of notable sessions that you can participate in at the iGaming Super Show runs like a grocery list. So we’ll give you a heads-up on some of the most notable sessions, considered even as ‘must-attends’.

One of them is the Regulator Panel: Creating Inter-State iGaming compacts in Europe (iGaming 4 Business Conference, Day 2, 10.40 – 11.15). This session is of particular importance for European companies who can better understand the steps being taken by European countries to begin laying down the foundation for a future model for regulated iGaming world-wide.

The iGaming industry is always evolving and as such, it’s important to understand how the industry is progressing and the steps that are needed to be made to ensure that as the industry evolves, nobody gets left behind. If you want to learn how the mind of CEOs from progressive iGaming companies work, then the CEO Panel: iGaming Today and Tomorrow (iGaming Executive Conference, Day 2, 14.25 – 15.10) should definitely be circled in your calendar.

Bring up the name Bitcoin in the iGaming circles and you’re bound to get a wide range of opinions regarding the online currency. If you want to learn about Bitcoin and everything it represents, the aptly named Everything Bitcoins session (iGaming 4 Business Conference, Day 2, 11.45 – 12.45) is another must-attend session. Here, you can find out if the online currency can become the one-stop online gaming currency, as well as the risks and rewards of using Bitcoins now and in the future.

To no one’s surprise, North America is also another hot topic during the iGaming Super Show. This year, keep an eye out on the Tribal Gaming USA/ Canada session (iGaming 4 Business Conference, Day 3, 14.45 – 15.30), which will tackle the all-too important discussion on how tribal gaming can influence the development of online gambling in North America.

And finally, there’s social gaming, which has become an increasingly important avenue since it exploded into the scene a few years ago. The Real Money Gaming & Facebook session (Mobile & Social Gambling Summit, Day 3, 10.40 – 11.15) will provide everything you need to know about how real money gaming has evolved on Facebook, what is working for existing partners, how companies ca expand their businesses across multiple platforms, and the future of the young and growing industry.

Suffice to say, the 2013 iGaming Super Show will play host to some of the biggest, brightest, and most influential minds in the iGaming industry. You want to learn more about the industry?

There’s no place better to do it than at the iGaming Super Show.

Class is definitely in session.


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