Korean junket operator flushes company money down the toilet

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Resorts World ManilaIf you work for a casino junket operator, there’s always that temptation to use company money and spend it on the tables yourself. Obviously, you shouldn’t do it because, well, its company money.

Apparently, one Korean casino junket employee forgot that money. That or he just felt extremely lucky when he decided to spend Php13.5 million of his company’s money on the tables.

He wasn’t lucky. Far from it, actually, because he lost every single peso of that Php13.5 million.

The doofus’ name is Shin Yun-jae. He’s the manager of casino junket operator Pink Dolphin and after his ill-fated gambling spree at Resorts World Manila, he now finds himself in a shit load of trouble. For one, he’s facing a qualified theft complaint from his employers who after conducting its own investigation, turned over Yun-jae to local authorities in the Philippines.

Needless to say, Yun-jae is facing quite the conundrum after what Pasay police chief Chief Supt. Rodolfo Llorca, described as “abusing the trust and confidence placed in him by his company”.

We’re for gambling and all, but if there’s one thing that we put importance on, it’s to gamble with your own money. The potential for incurred debts is a headache nobody should get themselves into, unless you know someone who has the goodwill to write it off. But still, whenever you do gamble, be sure that you use your own finances. Don’t use other people’s company, let alone the money of the company you work for.

You’ll only end up in a lot of trouble that you could have avoided in the first place.

Shin Yun-jae probably thought he could win some and return the money to the company’s vault. Nobody would’ve been the wiser. But he lost everything and now, he’s going to lose a whole lot more than just Php13.5 million.


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