Fantasy Football Betting Goes Live with the Tote

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fantasy-football-betting-goes-live-with-toteFollowing January’s announcement that Betfred had signed a deal with TotelFootball to make pool betting on fantasy football available to their customers, the game launched this week on The integration signals the Tote’s (now owned by Betfred) first venture into pool betting outside of horse racing.

TotelFootball have been operating the fantasy football game on their own platform for over three years, Betfred are the first bookmakers to plug into the TotelFootball network. The game mimics most aspects of traditional fantasy football games, but with two key twists. Firstly, competitions only span the course of a weekend, so each gameweek brings a brand new chance of success. Secondly, this is very much a pool betting product with customers able to set variable stakes and win large cash prizes.

Customers can enter teams from a variety of top leagues including the English Premier League, the Champions League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. The success of each customer’s team depends on the real-life performance of their selected players (e.g. players earn points for

appearance minutes, goals and assists; whilst goals conceded and cards lose points for a player). The better the players perform, the more points each team earns with the top 10% of teams after the weekend’s fixtures sharing the prize pool.

For the bettor seeking a quicker turnaround, then the 6-aside competitions on live televised fixtures will appeal where the excitement is played out over one or more live games.

Keith McDonnell, Business Development Director for TotelFootball says “Liquidity is key to the success of any pools betting service and in working with we can quickly drive liquidity which will transform an already great game into an attractive betting proposition offering high returns.”

Eddie Bennett, Head of, commented “We are excited to expand our range of pool betting products into football. Given the popularity of fantasy football we view TotelFootball’s fantasy football solution as a logical fit for our ever expanding “Fantasy Pools” proposition.”


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