Gaming Holland Conference promises to give the lowdown on the Dutch iGaming market

GamingInHollandThe Gaming Holland Conference may be a neophyte when it comes to the gaming conference scene – its only in its second year – but make no mistake, there’s a tremendous room for expansion in the Dutch market, especially with the impending regulation of eGaming in the Netherlands, something the present government has placed a priority on.

The conference is set to take place on June 11 at the World Trade Center Amsterdam, located in the center of the Amsterdam Zuidas. Understanding the importance of being at this conference cannot be understated because anybody with any remote inkling or interest in tapping into the Dutch market will need to be here.

In addition to a packed schedule that will include a day’s worth of speakers and networking opportunities, the Gaming Holland Conference will also offer a unique look at the present and future of the local market. No less of an authority is Benjamin Jannsen, the deputy director at the Ministry of Justice. Together with Justin Franssen, Partner at Kalff, Katz, Franssen and  Ewout Keuleers, Legal Council at UNIBET (Brussels), Jannsen will be on-hand to talk about the government’s plans of finally regulating iGaming and the ramifications of that decision for the country.

Speaking of forecasting, forecasting the regulated Dutch market is of paramount importance for any operator looking to expand into it. Simon Holliday, CEO H2 Gambling Capital , will lend his expertise on how operators can determine whether their business is suitable to tap into the Dutch market taking into account the market’s size and interest in the products these operators will be offering.

As with any newly open market, there’s always an impetus for a company to put its best foot forward in trying to ingratiate itself to the new market. With competition expected to be fierce, developing the right marketing strategy to acquire and retain players will go along a way in establishing your brand in the newly regulated market. To get an idea of how this can be accomplished, all you need is to be all ears when Jasper Hoekert, MD of Annalect / Omnicon Group, Fintan Costello, Industry Head eGaming for Google (London), and Shahar Attias, MD of Hybrid Interaction (Israel) all discuss the latest developments in this field.

No iGaming conference these days is complete without discussing the potential of social gaming. It’s not different at the Gaming Holland Conference as a pair of experts in the field – Adam Palmer, CEO of Gramble World, and Mick Robins, COO of Enteraction (London) – give the lowdown on how iGaming can become social in the Netherlands and turn it into a market that can boast of having one of the fastest growing areas of social gaming in the region.

And finally, there’s that all-too important discussion of sports betting, something that the Dutch gaming market – once its fully open and regulated – will obviously tap into. The important thing about this topic, as will be discussed by Bob van Oosterhout, MD of Triple Double, is how the market can take full advantage of the appeal of sports betting without compromising the integrity of sports clubs in the Netherlands.

There’s a growing sense of importance being placed on the shoulders of the Gaming Holland Conference. Yes, even if it’s only in its second year.