Bodog Girls cheer on Team Canada at World Curling Championships

bodog-girls-team-canadaHeavily-favored Team Canada may have lost its game against upstart Japan at the World Curling Championships, but even with the setback, the boys didn’t lack in supporters. A team of Bodog Girls were on hand to cheer for the Maple Leaf in the latter’s attempt to win its 4th straight gold medal in the 35th in the competition’s history.

But even the cheering ladies, clad in their skimpy outfits and cheering to their heart’s content, couldn’t prevent Team Canada from dropping their game against Japan, 10-8. Perhaps distracted by the presence of all those beautiful ladies – we see you flirting with ’em, Brad Jacobs! – that led the team to losing to Japan, Jacobs’ Norther Ontario rink regrouped themselves and handily beat Russia’s Andrey Drozdov, 8-5, to close out their days schedule with a win and a loss on their record.

Overall, Canada is still in prime position to either finish in first or second, thanks to a 7-2 record that left them in a tie with Scotland atop the standings. It wasn’t an easy day out for the Canadians as Jacobs himself admitted that a lot of the shots they normally made weren’t just going in for some reason.

“For me, as well as the whole team, it’s very frustrating,” Jacobs told the Edmonton Journal. “But we were able to just grind it out — just being exhausted — and still get a win out of that last game, and we’re remaining in first place in the round-robin. So we’re in a great spot.”

Perhaps exhaustion played a factor in Canada’s lackluster performance against Japan and Russia, two teams with a combined record of 6-14. Or it could have been the Bodog Girls, who despite proving their cheerleading chops were second to none, proved to be too much of a distraction for Team Canada, hence Bodog’s decision to move them back a little further from the action for the Russian game.

It almost ended up being a futile attempt as Jacobs struggled to beat a clearly inferior Russian rink, leading 5-3 before falling all square at 5 a piece after ends. But Jacos stormed ahead with two points in the ninth to go up 7-5 before securing the win only after Drozdov missed his final shot.

Maybe that’s the formula for Canada winning. Bring the Bodog Girls to cheer for the team, but keep them at a distance so that Team Canada can focus on the task at hand and leave the flirting after all the winning.