New York City casino could be permitted; Iowa considers banning smoking in casinos

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nevada-california-new-jerseyNew York City may yet get a full-blown casino after the state Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted that a new round of halls could land there or on Long Island. reports that Cuomo is looking to push through an amendment to the state constitution that would allow seven new casinos and has apparently reneged on his earlier pledge to only place them upstate. Cuomo, seemingly confirmed there’s room for negotiation, by stating: “You could argue that we should have a casino in New York City. My plan is upstate casinos are the best economic development opportunity for upstate.”

He added: “I believe it’s appropriate for the Legislature to have a role in what region, what number — generically where. Those are all legitimate policy areas to discuss.”

Even with Cuomo making noises like this, it’s still an outside possibility that casinos will pop up in NYC and Long Island.

Iowa is considering a bill that will ban smoking in the state’s casinos. A state Senate subcommittee is scheduled to discuss the proposal later today as the venues don’t come under the Iowa Smokefree Air Act that was passed back in 2008. Democratic Senator Jack Hatch is one the main people driving the bill and can’t stress enough the health benefits that will come from the bill passing.

Senator Jeff Danielson who hasn’t yet given an opinion either way as to if he supports the ban heads the panel considering the bill. He has asked for up-to-date information on how much the ban will affect the state’s gambling industry revenue.


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