Why you should be at the 2013 iGB Affiliate Awards

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iGB AwardsThe iGB Affiliate Awards is, first and foremost, the epicenter of where the best of the best in the online gaming affiliate industry converge for one night to celebrate the ever-growing industry and pay homage to those that have made the most impact in their respective fields last year.

At no other time or venue throughout the calendar year will you have 500 of the best minds in the business enjoying the company of each other without having to worry about balancing their spread sheets in their offices. Set to take place at The Brewery on the 8th of February, the 2013 installment of the iGB Affiliate Awards promises to be the biggest and brightest of them all. There are a total of 24 iGB Affiliate Awards, some of which we’ve already highlighted recently.

But if you’re not up for any of the awards, don’t be too bummed out about it. Notwithstanding the fact that there’s always next year, you can always make great use of your time during the event that doesn’t involve picking up a hardware to take home.

For starters, the iGB Affiliate Awards offers the opportunity to get to know the many businesses that have made the online gaming affiliate industry what it is today. If you’re a neophyte in the scene, you can use the event as a chance to differentiate your business and measure your company relative to those that have already established themselves. Don’t worry, it’s not rack-jacking; it’s called setting a bar on how you want your business to become in the future.

Another important thing to do during the iGB Affiliate Awards is to network with your contemporaries. Creating or improving business relationships with your colleagues will only serve you better once you’ve established yourself. Networking is an integral part of the online gaming affiliate industry and there’s no better place to network and make yourself known than an event that celebrates the best affiliates of the year.

With an expected turnout of around 500 industry professionals, there’s plenty of motivation to become a valued asset in the business. Clearly, when you’re in the presence of people who have become successful in the industry, you can learn a great deal from them, not the least of which is motivation on how you can reach the level they’re at with the hopes of competing against them in succeeding iGB Affiliate Awards!

The 2013 iGB Affiliate Awards is, without question, the place to be for anybody involved in the online gambling affiliate industry. Whether you’re a newb or an established affiliate business, there’s no excuse for not being there.


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