Expectations are high for Fire and Ice 2013

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fire and ice 2013 lost in time cabaret troxyFire and Ice 2013 has some pretty big shoes to fill and the betting folks that we are are confident that this year’s version will be as wild, as raunchy, and as unforgettable as all the other 11 installments of this now legendary party. That’s the way it’s always been and we’re confident that that’s the way it’ll always be. This year, expect to see a host of changes surrounding the biggest iGaming party of the year, and for our money, these changes will only make this extravaganza bigger and better than it already is!

First of all, Fire and Ice 2013 will be held a different – and larger – venue: The Troxy in East London, just minutes away from the ExCeL Conference Centre. No longer will the party be cramped up in tight little spaces; the Troxy will offer enough space for all of us to get into the Fire and Ice spirit. A huge stage in front will be set-up with concert-quality lighting and sound and space for over 2,000 attendees, double the size of the previous venue. Do the calculations and you can expect twice the fun, twice the spectacle, and twice the excitement from previous installments of the party.

As with every Fire and Ice party, organizers have identified the theme for this year, something Michael Casselli of Lyceum Media calls “Fire and Ice: Lost in Time Cabaret”. “We’re starting in Paris in the 1930’s,” said Casselli, “in the time when Paris was the hub of all lascivious behavior all over the world.” The goal, according to Casselli, is to recreate that magic of that bygone era and add a time-traveling twist to it to see what the cabaret scene would look like in 2013 through a series of audacious time-traveling scenes performed at set intervals throughout the night. Outrageous as all that sounds, that’s the norm for a party like Fire and Ice, where the words risqué, titillating, and bombastic are uttered far more frequently than any other kind of shindig anybody’s ever attended.

While this year’s theme is bound to get a lot of people excited about reliving the French cabaret scene from the 1930’s all the way to what it could look like in 2130, Fire and Ice 2013 will also play host to a multitude of entertainment offerings, not the least of which includes heavyweight actors, scantily-clad dancers, and sizzling performers. Par for the course, except that this year will no doubt offer a whole new level of spectacle the iGaming industry has never seen before. Oh and yes, even the stars from “Britain’s Go Talent” will be on-hand for the party, promising a ton of entertainment value from sober start to intoxicated finish.

There’s no doubt that expectations will be high for this year’s edition of Fire and Ice. It’s already established itself as the hottest event in iGaming in the 12 years that its been around. Now that the party is two weeks away from opening its doors and taking us back to a time-traveling expedition of the French cabaret scene, there will certainly plenty of sleepless nights from here until the 6th of February.

Fire and Ice: Lost in Time is coming and if anybody’s interested to be part of the festivities, be sure to contact organizer Jodie Thind at or just go to to get the full details on how you can be a part of the biggest party to hit London since the 2012 Olympics.


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