And the (i)Oscar goes to…

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home oscar legacyiGaming hits London with a vengeance at the beginning of February when ICE Totally Gaming and the London Affiliate Conference plus other smaller conferences lay waste to the capital. There’ll be plenty of booze and parties but it’s the awards shows that we’re interesting in this week.

With so many award shows and accompanying parties going on in London during the February iGaming conference we wanted to canvas opinion among industry bods to see which is the best. The most successful way to do this was to let January’s iGaming conference award shows takeover our weekly poll as we posed the question: “Where do you most want to pick up an award this February?”

Coming in third of three with a respectable 16 percent of the votes is the Totally Gaming Awards – the youngster of the group.

Runner up in our poll with 28 percent is the iGB Affiliate Awards that take place during the London Affiliate Conference.

So, the awards you guys most want to receive this February are the International Gaming Awards after a whopping 56 percent of you voted for them.

All three awards ceremonies are good in their own right with the International Gaming Awards the one that gives you the widest range of categories that cover the entire gambling industry. It has also been running the longest amount of time, along with the iGB Affiliate Awards, with both ceremonies taking place at the same venue you can likely judge for yourself which is the best of the two.

This week’s poll takes on an NFL theme as we enter Championship weekend and ask who you’d like to see in the biggest game of them all – the Super Bowl. We’ve posed the question as which matchup you want to see the most from the four teams left. Kaepernick v Brady? Ryan v Flacco? Harbaugh bowl? Or Belichick v Smith? We know which we’d like to see and now it’s over to you!


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