HTML5 the future for affiliates

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impact of HTML5 gambling industry featuredA prominent gambling industry affiliate thinks that mobile has no place for the traditional banner ads favored by many marketing firms. Henrik Mandal, founder of Kyoogi, was speaking at today’s Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit organized by Bullet Business and told those attending the future of affiliate marketing won’t rely on the favorite tool of the desktop world.

“We need to move beyond the banner,” Mandal said.

As alternatives to this, Mandal stated that promotions tailored to the mobile platform and mobile web landing pages are the most important things to get right.

Further to that, Mandal added that hybrid and native apps “are extremely hard to market” whereas “HTML5 is the future for affiliates” where mobile is concerned. This reflects having what Mandal describes as a “360 approach” something that is a “must have”. It means having an approach that covers all bases and ensures you are connecting with every customer in the best possible way.

Talking of the native apps that many companies covet, Mandal said that developers tend to “forget the bad things about them”. This includes taking them through the app store process, which can take a fair while, as well as the fact they can be harder to update. Whilst HTML5 might not be the easiest on the eye right now, they are far easier to use across a range of platforms and don’t have to go through the app store thus giving them an advantage.

In terms of a nut that will be hard to crack in the affiliate world, Mandal identified casino as “very hard to promote” when it comes to mobile and that being top ten in either app store, for a casino app especially, will require a “million pound budget”. As long as HTML5 is the chosen platform and banners are given short shrift then, in Mandal’s book, you should be fine.


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