Who has the most to gain – Zynga or

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zynga marc pingus pwin norbert teufelbergerSocial gaming is currently one of the great unknowns in the gambling industry with many wondering how easy it will be the turn the monopoly money of the social gambling world into the lush smell of crisp $20 bills. Deals are being signed left, right and centre between the giants of the online gambling industry and their social gaming counterparts to further back up the assertion that this is the new buzz in the industry. digital entertainment dipped its rather substantial toe into the pond late last month by announcing a tie up with Farmville-creator Zynga. Each company has a lot more than a rise in share price to gain from the deal and with that in mind we decided to put the following question to the virtual floor of ‘Which of the two will gain most from the tie up?’

It was one of our closest run polls ever with the two options separated by less than five votes. took second with 47 percent with 53 percent of our readers deciding that Zynga has the most to gain from the tie-up.

Zynga is currently in a perilous situation ever since embarking on an IPO late last year. The shares were originally priced at $15.91 and quickly ceded to as low as $2.10 as investors began to question the company. Its reliance on Facebook hasn’t helped and any gain will be welcomed as far as they’re concerned.

This week we move on to the reopening of a former giant of the online poker space  – Full Tilt Poker – and ask how many of you are planning to return to play on the site.

Come back next week to find the answers and if you’re using the site – good luck!


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