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man with tick boxSince the start of the NFL season it won’t have escaped your attention that is now home to a sports-betting video podcast called Off The Board. Every week we have a guest in from the world of sports betting as well as regular features such as “Beat the Cock”, the best videos from YouTube and Nanny Cam.

Last week we decided to ask you lot how often you’ve tuned in so far. Here’s how the results came out…

Coming in final place with just 2 percent was I’ve subscribed on iTunes. We can only deduce from that, that you guys simply can’t get enough of Bill Beatty’s face so feel the need to come on over to the main site and tune in. Whatever makes you happy I suppose! (it’s now available as a video on iTunes too btw!)

Every Episode came out in second last with 6 percent and as it’s in its early stages it’s to be expected that you haven’t seen every episode.

Next up are those of you that have managed to catch a couple episodes with 13 percent.

All you Beatty Beaters came out of the woodwork and made sure second place went to Footballs in the face are awesome with 16 percent.

In first place with a mahoosive 63 percent of the poll was the group that have Never Seen It.

Now we know there’s plenty of other cool stuff on and we understand there are a lot of females baring more flesh than a gang-bang world-record attempt. Also we understand some of you will be scared of the wife or girlfriend finding out you’ve been listening into Off The Board. We know there’s some of you in that category and can only assume you class Off The Board in the same class as being caught masturbating by the other half!

In all seriousness, give it a listen. It’s a very insightful video podcast on all things American sport and this is coming from an English guy! Also…you’ll get to see more of Nanny Cam the more you tune it, so it’s a no brainer.

This week we look a deal that could make-or-break the US future of both and Zynga. We ask readers who is most likely to benefit more from the deal. Results next week…


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