Boylesports teams with Bragbet, releases mobile games, kicks off poker tourney

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boylesports-bragbet-ipoFriday marks the kickoff of the International Poker Open 2012 (IPO) main event at the Regency Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. There will be two start days plus a third day of action on Sunday to whittle the field to a final eight players. After that, the IPO will recess until Nov. 10, when the final tablers reconvene to do battle for the title and the estimated €50k that goes with it. The previous two IPO’s have generated fields of around 1,400 for the €230 buy-in main event, with last year’s title claimed by Dutchman Luke Martens.

In other Boylesports news, Boylegames has debuted on the iPad and iPhone. The company’s sportsbook made its Apple app store debut in May, and now Boyle’s casino fans can get in on the mobile action. The timing is fortuitous, given Boylegames’ recent addition of some 60 new games from Net Entertainment. Boylegames casino and games manager Anthony Conroy says the company “hopes to keep the momentum going and launch games for Android phones and tablets in the near future.”

Finally, Boylesports has partnered with Dublin-based social betting platform Bragbet to allow social betting fans an opportunity to put real money where their virtual mouths are. Bragbet debuted its team-based approach to wagering during the Euro 2012 competition and CEO Phil Riordan promised at the time that Bragbetters would be wagering cold hard cash before the end of the year. (Hope you put a bet on it, Phil.) Boylesports Online CEO Keith O’Loughlin told Silicon Republic that a real-money version of Bragbet would appeal to “the younger, digital native market who have grown up with social networking and expect a more entertaining experience.” Are you not entertained?


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