Who will run online gambling in the USA?

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USA flag 1Online gambling in the USA is currently a hot topic for politicians and gambling firms alike. Following the election it’s fully expected that Harry Reid will attempt to push through his federal bill and after that the early part of 2013 could see Nevada open up for online poker.

The question that most are asking is which way will become the way. Does Harry Reid and his gang of casino companies get to oversee online gambling on a national basis or will it be down to the states? Hell, maybe the tribes will get to have a go. To find out we asked our readers that very question – Who should have ultimate responsibility for online gambling in the USA?

Coming out in dead-last with just 14 percent were those poor old tribes.

Second place, of three, with 35 percent of the vote were the states.

Rather unsurprisingly the winner was the federal government with a whopping 51 percent of the vote.

The final say on gambling enforcement will ultimately lie with the federal government and this being the case they were always likely to win our poll. Although the regulatory oversight and everything else that goes with it will be handled by the states. Also if the feds try to maintain too much control over the US online gambling industry it’s unlikely that it will roll out very quickly and then it will leave US citizens waiting years to play on US-regulated sites.

This week we turn our attentions a lot closer to home – probably as close to home as we could ever be – with a question concerning our esteemed Editor in Chief’s video podcast called Off The Board. This poll involves everyone, whether you’ve seen it or not, as it asks if you’ve watched it? There are a number of options and remember that you can even mail the show if you’ve anything else to say – about cocks or otherwise.


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