US Navy veteran hits $500,000 jackpot playing slots at Viejas Casinos

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US navy vet wins 500k US dollarsA US Navy veteran who was in the last legs of his career in the military scored a huge jackpot at the Viejas Casino in San Diego, California over the weekend, hitting a $501,430.49 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Talk about hitting it big, this lucky vet just whopped up a jackpot of a lifetime. Well played, sir!

The veteran, who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, was on his last six months of service before retirement, was playing a $1 Wheel of Fortune progressive slot machine last Saturday.  Unbeknownst to him, he wound up at the Wheel of Fortune slots only after spotting it when he got a bottle of water from one of the servers. So he left the previous slot machine he was on to try his luck at the Wheel of Fortune slots and after a few minutes, his seat got immediately hot when the progressive jackpot rang, rewarding him with just over a million dollars to add to his retirement funds.

Just like a lot of establishments in America, the Viejas Casino didn’t appear to mind rewarding a US serviceman for all of the work and effort he has done for the country. “We’ve had other active and retired members of the military hit big jackpots and it always adds even more excitement to the casino floor because we have a special place in our hearts for our military guests,” said Viejas Casino General Manager Chris Kelley.

It certainly feels like the kind of reward from the gambling Gods for a career of service to his country. Then again, it probably could’ve happened to anybody who was lucky enough to be sitting in front of the Wheel of Fortune slots when the progressive jackpot hit. It’s pretty cool that it happened to this person, though.

He’s six months away from retirement from a career of service and he gets a walloping pre-retirement present. That’s got good karma written all over it.


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