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Betting on US Sports in the UKWith the NFL kicking in, sports betting month at has just come into full-swing. Naturally, we’ve decided to ask the age-old question, the best place to bet on sports is… alright, so it’s probably not an age-old question. But in this day and age, going to your local bookie isn’t the only option you’d have if you wanna bet on a game.

We’ve asked you, our readers, where would be the best place to bet on sports and the results are in.

Bringing up the rear with 4 percentOn a tablet in the local boozer.

With the availability of mobile and online betting, it’s fairly understandable why placing a wager In your local bookies only got 11 percent of the votes.

Wagers amongst your mates took 23 percent of the votes.

Coming in second, and it doesn’t come as a surprise, is By smartphone whilst at a game with 30 percent.

But the winner is… drum roll please… Vegas Baby! With 32 percent of the votes, it was a close fight between smartphones and Vegas. But despite the convenience smartphones bring to our everyday lives, it can only do so much to help us when it comes to gamblin’, drinkin’ and carryin’ on. Vegas, on the other hand, got us covered. It’s called Sin City after all. Why? Because it’s Vegas Baby!

For this week’s question, after watching the Republican and Democratic Conventions, who has your vote? Will it be Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson or are you a convicted felon which is why you can’t vote? Click on your favorite answer and we’ll recap the results next week!


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