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asia continentA Vietnamese man that had mounting gambling debts came up with an ingenious way of avoiding paying them back. AFP report Nguyen Van Thinh dug a makeshift cave underneath his kitchen where he hid for two months in order to avoid the bookmaker that he owed 1.3 million dong ($62k). He told AFP that it was a “guerrilla life” that he led and he survived on food and water brought to him by his wife. The man was playing the lo-de game that has become very popular amongst the people of Vietnam.

Singapore has seen widespread support for plans to put casino visitation limits on those that are financially vulnerable. At the same time there are concerns that the Casino Control Bill could increase “gambling intensity” and there are some suggesting individuals should be placed under “mandatory counseling” for those given bans or visitations limits.

Macau saw spending by tourists rise 13 percent year-on-year compared to the previous year. Total spending, excluding gaming, hit MOP11.4 billion (US$1.4 billion) in Q2 2012 according to data from the Statistics and Census Service. The rise goes to show the enclave has other industries to rely should demand in the gaming industry decrease.

Macau-based ferry operator North West Express have been given until the end of August to solve their problems and submit a detailed plan as to how they’ll resume services. The firm must show that it has solved its financial problems otherwise their licence will be taken away. Troubles first came about after two vessels had technical problems and it was revealed they owed several months rent to Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun pier.


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