Hills hire lawyers to fight a whole kingdom

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william hill cyclistWilliam Hill chief executive Ralph Topping is confident about a legal challenge against the UK government point of consumption (POC) tax plans. Hills has instructed lawyers to challenge the legality of the tax as they claim it’s an attempt to flout EU law by restricting the movement of goods and services for taxation purposes. A Telegraph story quotes Topping as stating he has heard “encouraging noises” from lawyers working on the case. If introduced the new POC tax will take 15 percent of all bets placed on UK soil and thus challenge some of the territories that host UK-facing gambling brands. Gibraltar has already signaled its intention to battle the UK over the new tax plans and don’t be surprised if more opponents come out of the woodwork to take them on.

The UK Gambling Commission is considering creating a “kite-mark” that will encourage operators to adhere to the new regulatory rules. The House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which published its findings last week, are looking to limit any “grey” market that might start to operate as a result of the new rules.

“We recommend that the Gambling Commission should consider, as a part of efforts to communicate to online gamblers the potential risks to their funds, introducing a kite-marking system for gambling websites, indicating which sites are regulated in the UK,” the committee said. “This could protect consumers by encouraging them to use UK-regulated sites and by incentivising suppliers to choose to be regulated here.”

Knowing the gambling industry as we do, maybe shit loads of free drinks vouchers for a party at Chequers would be a better idea…


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