How often would you like to hear from us?

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CalvinAyre performs many functions in its role as the number one gambling industry news destination. It points you in the direction of the hottest girls and the craziest parties whilst at the same time delivering the news in bite sized pieces that we know you like.

We also know what it’s like being in the gaming industry and time is not something a lot of us have on our hands. So, we’ve invented the watch? Well, not exactly. What we do have though is a newsletter to keep you updated with everything that’s being posted on the site. It’s been running for around a year now so we only thought it right to ask the readers how often they’d like to receive the newsletter.

The wooden spoon went to 2-3 times a week is plenty with just 2 percent.

Taking the penultimate place on the list was Monday to Friday with 9 percent.

You guys obviously don’t like hearing from us all the time as every day of the week polled just 14 percent.

The overwhelming victor was once a week is still fine with a whopping 71 percent of the poll.

We don’t do things by the book here at though. If a poll result shows us one cheek then we’re inclined to take the other and with that in mind we’re going with the silent majority. Given that many sites decide to send out email round ups as if you get a pound coin for every one they send. With that in mind we figured a couple more a week wouldn’t give you any need to move us onto your spam list. It will mean you get to see more top notch content and are even better informed about what exactly is going down in the gambling industry.

This week’s poll takes on an Olympic theme as we ask readers whether or not they’ll be betting on any of the plethora of events available. Over the past year or so various groups have been falling over themselves at gambling’s involvement in the games. As with any large-scale sporting event there have been the warnings that everything will be engulfed in a wave of illicit betting and fixing – even as past Olympic games have never seen any such thing happen.

There have only been estimates so far on how much betting will actually take place so we thought it best to ask you guys to see if there’d be an uplift. Check back this time next week to see who gets the gold medal.


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