Lock Poker experiencing “technical difficulties” with player deposits; players calling for boycott

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lock poker where is the moneyPlayers from Lock Poker have been up-in-arms stemming from multiple problems that have been plaguing the relaunched online poker room, with some players even calling for a boycott from the site.

According to, the players’ ire has been directed in large part to deposit problems that have failed to provide credits to players’ accounts after deposits made through a variety of methods. The players have been understandably frustrated about the on-going problems and some have even taken to setting up threads on the 2+2 forums to call for a boycott of the site with other forum members even beginning a campaign for an anti-Lock campaign on Twitter.

In an effort to quell this growing problem, Lock Poker released a statement on the 2+2 forums, admitting that the company has experienced a slew of problems, including deposits not being credited to player’s accounts.

In the statement, Lock Poker representative “imjustshane” said: “We have discovered a technical issue where the system passes over a failed transaction message on successful deposits. This is happening with 5-10 deposits a day. We are working with the processor to eliminate the problem and we have put real time reporting in place so we can find and deal with these problems proactively. In the meantime, we are working through all known issues. And please continue to send them our way.”

In addition to deposit problems, players have also voiced their frustrations on the company’s inadequate customer support service and the minimal feedback they’ve been receiving from their frustrated emails. A call for expansion has gained steam among the players and was confirmed by imjustshane, who responded by saying that “Im told they are training now and will come online 22nd of July. We are giving them a period to get things a little more under control and will then launch full live chat support from the 1st of September.”

The deposit problems might end up being characterized as “technical difficulties”, but the repercussions from the player’s displeasure could be costly for Lock Poker, who doesn’t exactly have an impeccable record to begin with. You all remember José ‘Girah’ Macedo, don’t you?

Lock needs to nip these problems in the bud as soon as possible if they hope to gain back their player’s trust…


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