iGaming Business releases Global Business of Poker Report: Fourth Edition

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igb featuredA new report by iGaming Business has shown that online poker’s gross gaming yield could grow to $6.16 billion by 2014 from just $3.7bn in 2009. The Global Business of Poker Report: Fourth Edition looks at the industry as a whole with a specific focus on the online sector and the various challenges that firms find with this part of the gaming industry.

The report aims to give a rounded view on the poker industry and all the subjects that regularly crop up when a debate starts. In the last 10 years, the Internet has been one of the largest factor in poker’s growth and has allowed players to play poker in their own homes whenever they want. iGB’s report looks at how this has conversely helped the live game and brought a new breed of younger player to major tournaments. It’s here that the “poker as a sport” argument is looked into and the author of the report makes a compelling argument for it to be viewed as such with comparisons to many other mainstream sports.

Poker’s industry evolves in a specialized way that led the author of the report to compare it to a child in puberty; such are the growth spurts it experiences. To keep the growth at a certain level operators have to get their marketing and promotion spot on. Companies need to get it right when paying players to get their back-side tattooed and asking the right person to be the face of your campaign can be pivotal.

Case studies of the major players will inform on industry best practices and show which firms have managed best since UIGEA was passed by the U.S.A. back in 2006. Some of the biggest players, such as 888, Ladbrokes, and PartyGaming, have all seen drops in revenue in the past few years where poker is concerned and the case studies will get to the bottom of why. This is at the same time as others, such as Playtech, showing a rise in revenue and goes to show why concentrating on the right jurisdictions is important.

Poker is a hugely competitive area and anyone entering it should be as knowledgeable as possible before taking the plunge. As we move into a future of different models and new markets, iGB’s The Global Business of Poker Report: Third Edition will be a valuable resource whether you’re just starting out or a veteran of the poker industry look for a new slant and could set you apart from the rest.

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