Floyd Mayweather Jr. loses house arrest bid, sues casino advisor for $4m

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floyd-mayweather-loses-house-arrest-bidEarlier this week, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. made a formal request to serve the time remaining on his domestic battery sentence under house arrest, rather than in Nevada’s Clark County Detention Center. In December, Mayweather was sentenced to three months in the pokey after pleading guilty to abusing his baby-mama Josie Harris. In a 35-page motion that should have come equipped with a CD of plaintive violin music, attorney Richard Wright claimed that after a mere 12 days in prison stripes, Floyd’s physical state had deteriorated dramatically under the prison’s “inhumane conditions.”

Such conditions include segregation from the general prison population (and their shivs), with one hour per day in which Floyd has access to a physical recreation area. The motion contained a quote from Floyd’s personal physician that a continuation of this routine “threatens to end or shorten Mr. Mayweather’s boxing career.” Dr. Robert Voy said Floyd’s normal 3-4k calorie/day intake has been reduced to a mere 800 calories a day, because, um, well, it’s not clear why, unless Floyd’s on a hunger strike. Voy expressed concern at Floyd’s “dehydrated appearance, his lack of muscle tone and his dry mucus membranes.” (And that’s after less than two weeks! Can you imagine how dry Floyd’s mucus will be in three months?) Voy is also concerned about Floyd “withdrawing, developing anger he cannot dissipate through the usual means of dedicated exercise and training.” Or, you know, hitting and kicking girls.

Frankly, we were somewhat disappointed that Floyd’s motion contained no character reference by the sportsbook operators at the M Resort in Las Vegas, where Floyd places most of his sizable sporting wagers. The M Resort’s turnover has likely taken a serious hit since Floyd entered the big house, although their apparent lack of panic at springing Floyd may suggest the Money man actually does win most of his wagers.

On Wednesday, Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa said (we’re paraphrasing) ‘suck it up, bitch’. Saragosa said Floyd’s allegedly dehydrated state was “self-induced,” as was his reduced caloric intake, which Saragosa said was because Floyd “chooses not to eat the food provided.” As for Floyd’s training regimen, Saragosa expressed surprise at Floyd’s surprise that he didn’t have access to the same gear found in his regular boxing gym. Or, as prosecutor Lisa Luzalch put it during Tuesday’s court hearing: “It’s jail. Where did he think he was going? The Four Seasons?”

In other Floyd legal news, the boxer is suing financial advisor Jeff Rubin and Pro Sports Financial for convincing him to invest $4m into the Country Crossings Real Estate Entertainment and Gambling Development in Alabama. Floyd’s $4m vanished when the casino/restaurant complex closed after becoming the target of Alabama Gov. Bob Riley’s anti-electronic-bingo purge in 2010. (Former National Football League player Terrell Owens also lost about $2m in the debacle.) Floyd’s suit claims his financial peeps should have known that certain forms of gambling were illegal in the state. Just like Floyd should have known that hitting women doesn’t earn you much juice with a female Justice of the Peace.


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