Softmedia unveils new iGaming auction solution

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softmedia featureTallinn, Estonia – June 6, 2012 – Softmedia ( an established entertainment auction (EA) platform developer announces a new software platform set to provide a link between the iGaming world and a more casual gamer audience.

The platform aims to become the new flagman product of the company opens an innovative approach to online entertainment focusing on extended gamification of the standard software used for EAs’.

The CEO of Softmedia Konstantin Klugman stated:

Entertainment auctions don’t suffer from the same legislation discomfort that’s common to the igaimng scene, while holding rich potential for being a source of online entertainment for a wide audience of players, and that’s where we saw a possibility to establishing a link”

Traditional EA sites like penny auctions use a pay-per-bid paradigm to engage the audience. Players buy bids and place them on auctioned items to participate, with each placed bid rises the price to a small fixed amount, meaning that the winner is determined by who managed to be the last bidder before the auction is over, fueling the competitiveness of participants.

The new platform prompts to offer a more dynamic and engaging circulation of bids built around entertainment values sought by players. Build-in gaming centers will allow players to spend and win bids in poker matches, slot games as well as other games as they are being added.  Implemented core game mechanics will work together with reword and loyalty programs available with the software for a fast paced gaming experience for people not quite ready to hit the big casinos.

Development department notes:

“Significant research and development resources have been aimed on perfecting the platform, making it highly adoptive to contemporary market needs, both performance and experience wise, with the concept thriving booth on social and mobile trends in the near future”

The platform promises to reveal high possibilities for expanding brand presence within the regulated markets, as well as to come in contact with a new audience.


Softmedia LLC

World Trade Center Tallinn

Ahtri str. 12, 10151



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