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Macau 1Government voices have joined analysts with a modest outlook for Macau’s gambling industry for the remainder of 2012. Macau Business quote Francis Tam Pak Yuen, secretary for economy and finance, as stating monthly revenue is likely to average out at MOP20 billion (US$2.5 billion) for 2012. Tam said: “Looking back from January to May, we actually reached the level of MOP24 billion, MOP25 billion [per month]. Compared to the previous two to three quarters, this is a steady performance. However, we estimate the number will not be too big [this year],”

It’s not to say the industry is exactly hard up and in this economic climate any place that is seeing double-digit percentage increases should be lauded. Macau has hit a level though and the fact there’s disappointment around the figures is no surprise and goes to show that they’re quite the ambitious bunch. All the while May’s figure is expected to break the monthly revenue record.

Macau’s casino business industry has been urged to take a leaf out of Singapore’s book and ban local casino workers from entering when off duty. Macau Business Daily report that João Bosco Cheang Hong Lok, president of the Macau Gaming Industry Employees’ Association, thinks workers are much more at risk of developing a gambling problem due to the prolonged exposure. He also thinks the government should take a more responsible stance when it comes to awareness of problem gambling. Cheang told the publication: “In Macau, we’ve got 34 casinos and we don’t have enough advertisements to remind gamblers [to be cautious when playing]. We want the government to do something more.”

Hospitality jobs could be short supply soon as the amount working in the industry increased 17.2 percent in the first quarter. The impact of a number of new hotels is already being felt as the amount of paid employees working in the hospitality sector hit 63,200 with hotels on their own accounting for a little under 42,000 of them. That was up 18.7 percent and reflects the location’s status as one of the centre’s for entertainment in Asia.


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