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pokerstarsAt this point last year some of the world’s largest online poker companies were still scrabbling around for some semblance of control. Since then there’ve been more ups and downs for PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet than a messy celebrity divorce.

Over a year on from Black Friday and we’re left with one firm looking good, one stinking the place out and the other just coming out of an extensive plastic surgery operation. Where will they all be this time next year though? Can PokerStars continue on unimpeded? How much of an affect will the court cases have on the three? And, lastly, will Full Tilt Poker get back to its place in the sun?

Instead of answering all these questions ourselves we left it up to you guys to decide who’ll be Champions on April 15, 2013.

It wasn’t a surprise that PokerStars were well on top of the other two firms with an unsurpassable 80 percent of the vote. Their record or paying back players just days after Black Friday and the good running of the company has meant they’ve come out of it with much more credibility than the other two.

Coming in a distant second was the new and improved Full Tilt Poker with 15 percent of the poll. There are certainly some out there that think the old software combined with solid management and all brought together under a strong brand could see them back in play in a year’s time.

Cereus Poker Network, which encompasses the AP/UB, managed just 5 percent of the vote. Whether some felt Cereus needed a sympathy vote or they actually think the network will come back swinging it’s fairly obvious you guys think Cereus will be bottom of the pile come next Easter.

There you have it then. PokerStars to reign supreme until next April at least. This week’s poll takes on a very different theme by asking you where in South America you guys want to succeed.


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