Legends drops .com domain; changes it to .eu

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new domainWith the increasing heat surrounding seizures of the .com domain, a number of sportsbooks have taken the initiative to change their domain names as precautionary moves. The latest to do so is Legends, which announced today that they would be changing their website to

The move is hardly a surprise for anybody considering that a number of iGaming sportsbooks, including Bodog, Sportsbetting, and 5Dimes, have taken the step to carry either a .eu, .ag, or .cz as their domains.

Earlier this week, 5Dimes made a similar move to scrap the .com domain, changing it to Similarly, other sites like,, and, have all changed their domains to,, and, respectively. Of the prominent sportsbooks, only a handful of sites have retained the .com domain, including BetOnline, Heritage, Pinnacle.

This recent trend of dropping the .com domain comes at heels of the US Department of Justice’s crackdown and seizure of a number of sports betting sites.

Despite the change in domain, Legends management has assured its players that everything will remain status-quo, which means that all player accounts will remain active, citing the move as merely a business decision.

So there you have it, folks. We have another sportsbook taking the leap to another domain name. In the end, account holders of Legends have nothing to worry about, except making good decisions on the bets they make.


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