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zyngaIt was exactly a week ago when everyone’s favourite social network game developer, Zynga, announced its first licensed game deal: an agreement which will see the teaming up with online gambling site Slingo to eventually bring social media users the wagering of real money games under the umbrella of Zynga Slingo.

Despite the fact that Slingo is a 15-year, 50 million download, 5 billion games played, cross-platform veteran, this incarnation will mark Slingo’s Facebook debut. At the same time, it will also indicate Zynga’s first real money gaming appearance.

But will the social gaming giants responsible for games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars be able to hold their own when it comes to real money gambling? It already retains a pretty heft player base, including gambling games with virtual currency such as Blackjack. The question is: can it convert its player base to a real money player market?

We weren’t too sure, so guess what – we asked you lot, polling our readers with the question: “In the real money poker market Zynga would…” Here are the results.

Almost at a majority, but not quite, 49% of you said Zynga would “be unable to convert players to real money”. 36% said Zynga’s real money poker games would “be just another poker room” and only 15% believe Zynga would manage to “dominate the market”.

The results suggest most of you just can’t take Zynga seriously enough to plow your well earned money into it. But if the social network gaming god manages to pull it off, and convert the millions of Farmville fanatics into wagering money through their online games – Zynga could set itself up as a very lucrative business and indeed, as 15% of you agree, dominate the market.

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