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sexy poker ace jennifer tilly

Sexy poker ace, Jennifer Tilly

After a heated debate in our comments section following the a piece on poker professionals – arguing that the biggest poker celebrities are unable to pay debts or cheated to ‘win’ their tag as a poker pro – we wanted to know what the majority of our readers thought. So, like we do every week when such wonders creep upon us, we launched a poll asking the question: “When I play poker…”

With a majority of 52%, the answer: “I’d rather play with beautiful women” came up trumps, indicating that when it comes to the marketing of ‘professional’ players as brand ambassadors, most of you just want to sit across from, and drool over, the splendour of a sexy babe while stacking your chips.

33% of those that voted don’t seem to give a flying crap about the dramatic drop in the value of ‘pro’ players and said you didn’t care where the pros play. With the smallest amount of votes, a mere 15% of those polled said you do want to play where the pros play. What we would like to know now though, is the reasons why 15% of you would still like to play with the pros….

Moving on to this week’s poll – we look into online gaming site Zynga and its desire to expand into real-money online gambling by asking the question: “In the real money poker market Zynga would…” Answer either “Be unable to convert players to real money?” “Dominate the market?” Or, “Be just another poker room?” on the right hand side to cast your vote and let us know if you think Zynga could be the next big thing in iGaming.


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