Miss Pac Man not getting it on with Mo Money Mo Problems

pacquiao mayweather fightFloyd Mayweather has agreed to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5 and thus extinguished any hope that him and Manny Pacquiao get it on before he’s incarcerated. Promoters have confirmed the MGM Grand in Vegas will see Money step up in weight to try and claim Cotto’s WBA light-middleweight title. His last bout at this level was a victory over the great Oscar De La Hoya and Mayweather confirmed the reasons why the fight is taking place with another cheap shot at Pacquiao.

“I’m fighting Miguel Cotto on May 5th because Miss Pac Man is ducking me,” he tweeted yesterday.

The news brings the curtain down on a fight between the best two pound-for-pound fighters before Mayweather goes to jail. It leaves us with some big questions to ponder. Could Pacquiao in fact be ducking Money? Who told Mayweather how to work Twitter and where can I send the hate mail? Will Mayweather use jail as an excuse to never get in the ring with Pac Man?

It’s not all bad though. Delaying the fight means that a purpose-built indoor arena can be constructed in the desert for when the two of them finally get it on. The question is whether one of them will be carrying a Zimmer frame and the other sitting in a motorized wheelchair when this takes place. Somewhere someday the fight will take place and the best fighter of our era crowned. If nothing else the well being of boxing depends on it. With these two delaying for even longer the gains seen by UFC will be higher and make people seriously doubt the sport in North America.