Fire & ICE 2012 party review

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P1040941Fire & ICE gave the iGaming industry masses its 11th annual party last night and one thing was for sure – thank god they’re moving away from Gilgamesh next year! Arriving at the venue as a “VIP” meant waiting in a disorganized line for the best part of 45 minutes with no-one knowing WTF was going on. Maybe a bottle of Whisky to warm us all up next time!

When you got in you realized it was the same as usual – and that’s not a bad thing at all. There were girls dressed in next-to-nothing being dry-humped by more semi-nude girls whilst having candle wax thrown on them. Live snakes sitting on the shoulders of men along with the chairs and décor that were something to behold.

The show itself…it might well have been there but unless you were the height of a giraffe and right at the very front it was impossible to see. You got the audio but you didn’t get to see what was going on in the stage area. Instead networking was in full flow as the iGaming fraternity showed they can still get really drunk even if they have to pay for drinks.

Later on, we were told Gilgamesh lost its liquor licence at 4:30pm yesterday for the top and bottom floor meaning drinks were only available on the middle floor and it was all change as the top floor was out of bounds. It certainly explains why everything felt a little cramped but the partly naked girls everywhere and other “wild” shit just had some thinking one thing – had we stumbled into the Walmart-version of a Calvin Ayre party? Well the only thing missing was the dwarves. Bring back the goat, that’s what I say! Hit the “Original Sin” PICTURES now!


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