Aussie pre commitment plan looking less likely

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Julie GillardMPs in Australia are looking for viable alternatives to pokies pre-commitment technology as the current plans look doomed to fail. The press Down Under are reporting secret meetings have been held between Senior Labor MPs and members of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) to discuss alternatives to the controversial technology. Prime Minister Julie Gillard deciding not to comment on the issue poured further fuel on the burning fire of discontent surrounding the reforms.

“Look I’ve said all I’m going to say. It’s not my intention to be commenting on these discussions as they are happening,” Ms Gillard told the Sydney Morning Herald. ”We’re in a course of discussions and it’s my intention to pursue those discussions to the end. And then when we’ve got something to say, we’ll say it.”

It was originally rumored the pre-commitment technology was being introduced to secure critical support for the government’s majority in the shape of independent MP Andrew Wilkie. The new plan would limit all bets to a maximum of $1 with the pre-commitment plan in tatters due in part to the powerful clubs lobby that is accusing the government of ignoring the interests of the community clubs involved.

Other plans being discussed between MPs and the AHA include the introduction of education programs and slower spin rates on machines to make the process that little bit longer. Clubs Australia weren’t invited along to give their side of the story because of their overwhelming negativity towards any reforms taking place. What’s clear is that some kind of reform is likely to take place, as it remains a key bone of contention that divides governance and could threaten Labor’s slim majority.


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