Brands gear up to apply for new internet domain names

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domainsAs we edge closer to the breaking dawn of 12 January, hundreds of major brands all over the world are gearing up for the start of the Internet Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)’s three-month application phase for generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). In Layman’s terms, that means they will be submitting applications for web address ending in .poker, .casino, for instance, starting from tomorrow.

The opening of the applications comes after six months when ICANN requested proposals and approved plans to increase the number of gTLDs from the standard 22 such as .com,, .org, to allow companies to create their own, giving the possibility of thousands of unique domain names.

In an announcement by ICANN just a few days ago, the company said its community members have “laboured diligently” to ensure that the program includes “financial and non-financial forms of assistance to deserving applicants that intend to serve the public interest.” So, if a big company feels it deserves its own top-level domain but cannot afford it, ICANN have said “qualified organisations have the opportunity to apply for financial aid”, addign that its board has “set aside $2,000,000 to assist needy applicants, a seed fund to which other organizations can donate.” How thoughtful of them!

ICANN has also made an effort to include everyone in the world in the application period, extending it globally and having awareness-raising events in countries the World Bank defines as “developing economies” such as diverse places as Fiji, India, Kenya, Mauritania, Senegal.

What iGaming sites, if any, do you predict may take part in the gTLD application process? Would you like to see a change – news.calvinayre for example?


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