Mario Balotelli carryin’ on again, this time at 187mph


balotelliIf we were to ask Manchester City soccer star Mario Balotelli if he preferred gamblin’, drinkin’ or carryin’ on, it’s not a difficult guess what his answer would be.

After setting off fireworks in his own bathroom last month, and venturing into a woman’s prison uninvited the month before that, December welcomes the news of even more footie ace antics. So what’s he done this time? Well, he got himself into more bother yesterday when his brand new £100,000 Maserati was seized by the police only a day after he bought it.

A report by The Sun states how officers pulled him over after speeding down the M60 near Salford, UK at 187mph in the car “on suspicion of speeding”. Don’t think there’s too much of a “suspicion” at that speed – you’re either speeding, or you’re not, right? Nevertheless, they continued to threaten the Man City striker, saying they may confiscate the motor as it might not be “legally registered”. The pigs backed off when they saw Balotelli’s papers were in order.

Balotelli isn’t having much luck with his motors. Thugs damaged his last Maserati with crowbars, and jokers covered it with smelly kippers. There have also been the reports of the Italian champion having his car towed away 27 times amounting to around £10,000 in fines.

Let’s hope Super Mario doesn’t let the ordeal affect his performance in tonight’s match against Bayern Munich, which if they win could see they go into the next round of the champions league. Judging by his controversial past and constant carryin’ on – he probably doesn’t give a shit. Perhaps his notorious, headline-hitting antics feed his adrenaline and actually give him edge on the field, as the Premier League’s superstar striker and born entertainer.