Domain name is free, available and highly desirable

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AmericanPoker.comDespite the entrepreneurial potential of poker site domain names – meaning the most popular website urls were snapped up a long time ago – domain listing site has announced the release and availability of “”.

The site has only just become available as it was previously reserved for a new network of sites. But now here it is. In a press release by the domain sellers, online poker trends expert Paul Wilson highlights the desirability of such a domain name due to Americans making up the majority of players. He added that the most popular poker games are in the American Poker category, with players understanding American Poker because “the games they play are in this category”.

And there’s definitely a market for it. According to an esteemed Internet traffic measuring company – ComScore – the most popular Internet poker sites saw between 1.3 million and 2.6 million visitors in March 2011. Want to know why “AmericanPoker,com” will be especially sought after? Here’s the reason Wilson gives in the release:

  • It creates instant brand recognition.
  • It can encompass land-based and online poker.
  • It’s memorable and easy to spell.
  • It’s great for SEO (can be found easily by those typing keywords into a search engine).
  • The name itself implies credibility.

He added: “ is a domain name you wouldn’t want your competitor to own, this is the perfect domain name.”

Well, he would say that – he’s selling the damn thing! Nevertheless, he makes a good point when he concludes that when it comes to online businesses, the choice of a domain name can often mean “make or break”.

But does an easy-to-spell, memorable, simple and brand-able poker site name always mean  a success one? What exactly would you like to become of “”?


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