Cyprus venues raided; Betting shop fiend likely to see jail time

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Cyprus gambling raidsComputers, equipment and cash have been seized after Police in Cyprus raided a number of betting shops. Cyprus Mail reports that €1,545, 11 computers and three printers were impounded from shops that were understood to be offering unregulated online gambling. The shops, in Dherynia, Ayia Napa and Paralimni, stand accused of the offences and it comes after a new bill was discussed only last week. Cypriot authorities cracking down on venues has been successful in driving the practice underground and only regulating sports betting and lotteries is unlikely to do much to remedy this. It all adds up to the likelihood of many more cases like this one. If Cypriot authorities get their way, the penalties will skyrocket and that’s their answer to any criticism that may come their way.

Crime connected to the gambling industry in the UK is usually of a very different nature and yet another individual is looking at time behind bars after trying to hold up a bookmakers’ shop. Dan Staples, once a promising young goalkeeper for Sunderland, left a ransom note claiming he’d put an explosive device in a branch of Coral in July. It led to the shop and surrounding area being evacuated for four hours and panic ensuing, many believing it may explode any moment.

The offender, who was already in court after being charged with stealing a man’s wallet containing £500 in Newcastle’s Circus Casino, pled guilty to multiple charges. They included placing an imitation explosive device with intent to induce another to believe it would ignite or explode and blackmail. He will be sentenced next month with the man likely to receive a custodial sentence.


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