Getting Hot in the Caribbean

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punta-cana-tatjana-pasalic-1Being invited to a Caribbean island is never a bad thing. Being invited to represent Bodog in a poker tournament, hang out with qualifiers and do a HOT photo shoot with your Bodog Pro teammates is an amazing thing!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you most likely already know that I have spent 8 days in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with Evelyn Ng, Amanda Leatherman and the Bodog crew. It was one of the most awesomest times I have had in my poker career.

We split the visit in two parts – shoot and poker.

The first 3 days were exhausting but worth it. We got a great photographer and Bodog put together their best team to organise the team photo shoot. I arrived to a room full of clothes and makeup and two stylists ready to doll us up.

I have done a few photo shoots in my career (FHM, KLIK, WPT Magazine) and it’s always so much fun but it’s also a lot of work – long hours, a lot of waiting. However, in the end, it is all forgotten when you see the final product.

tajana-pasalic-punta-cana-2It was fun to see the three of us being transformed with makeup and hairstyles. We laughed our butts off trying to pose and keep a straight face.

I bonded so much more with Evelyn and Amanda in those 3 days! It almost felt like a 3-day slumber party – most of the time we were all just walking around in our underwear sipping on cocktails and giggling like three little girls.

During the shoot, I tweeted a few pictures from behind the scenes and I got a lot of great feedback about the whole setup but I cannot wait to show you all the final pics – they will blow your mind!

I walked into Amanda’s shoot and just stood there with my mouth open – she looked so glamorous!

We also did a group shot where I just kept staring at Evy. She has so much confidence about her. No wonder she is on every hot chick list in poker – she is one sexy mamma!

So, yes, you are right, I am being a bad girl for teasing you so much but I’m not allowed to show the pics just yet!

Instead, I am giving you some more behind the scenes and inviting you to stay with to read a full report on the poker tournament we all played in Punta Cana.



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